Smartsales Point of Sales



Smartsales point of sale system was built on top of
a CodeIgniter base. It therefore is written in PHP and uses MySQL as
the database backend for data storage. This means that it'll run on
any system with a web browser and can be run on a local server
(ie. in a WAMP, LAMP etc) or hosted for multiple clients to access.

Demo link
login with username: admin
password: pointofsale


* Portable: since it works in any web browser, it'll work on any platform.
* Built in functionality are:
	- Customer tracking
	- Inventory tracking
	- Supplier tracking
	- Reports are numerous like daily sales, stock value reports etc
	- Easy to use sales register interface
	- Employees with permissions assignment
	- Gift cards
	- Multi stock management
        - Messaging in realtime
        - Emailing notification
        - Expenses management
        - Cashups and Admin Module
* Ability to run locally or on a server with many clients

More features include:
  • Stock management (items and kits with an extensible list of attributes)
  • VAT, GST, customer, and multi tiers taxation
  • Sale register with transactions logging
  • Quotation and invoicing
  • Expenses logging
  • Cash up function
  • Printing and emailing of receipts, invoices and quotations
  • Barcode generation and printing
  • Database of customers and suppliers
  • Multiuser with permission control
  • Reporting on sales, orders, expenses, inventory status and more
  • Receivings
  • Gift cards
  • Rewards
  • Restaurant tables
  • Messaging (SMS)
  • Multilanguage
  • Selectable Bootstrap based UI theme with Bootswatch
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Optional Google reCAPTCHA to protect login page from brute force attacks
  • GDPR ready


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